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Inspired by Apple, Keep working like Apple


Since 2016, we inspired by Apple products, then, we built this brand – Jokitech, which mainly focuses on accessories for Apple products, we design, manufacture, and ship them to personal and business clients.

We are committed to designing innovative products like Apple, serving people who love beautifully designed products world-widely, just like us!

We are a factory with rich sources behind


We are a factory-built since 2015, focusing on OEM and ODM businesses with our treasure clients from North America, European Countries, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and more.

As a professional aluminum alloy product factory, we have 20 modern CNC machines which are serving 7/24h, 5 researching and developing engineers, 5 quality engineers, 58 assemble line workers, and an average of 28 years old.

We keep it small so we can focus on providing higher quality products and keep well using our sources, including anodic oxidation supplies, imported aluminum bricks, CNC machine treatments, quality controls, and customer services.