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Aluminum type 6063

As we mentioned before, wrought aluminum is widely used in consumer products, such as tablet housing, laptop computer housing, and USB hubs, it’s aluminum alloy type 6063.

aluminum extrusion

Type 6063 contains both Magnesium and Silicon, combined as Mg2Si, the most important 6063 alloys are:

  • Flexible on customizations after heating and extrusion, thanks to the Magnesium and Silicon elements
  • It’s good for plating, and oxidizing has strong corrosion resistance, and high toughness, and will not get dented easily
  • Good for polishing, painting with colors, and lightweight
  • Being widely used in telecommunication, housing after CNC precision
  • Electronic products
Top Extruded Aluminum Framing

Based on these, we would like to take the example of the Apple Mac mini.

Mac mini has two constructions included, aluminum alloy and plastic, for the aluminum housing, comes with an aluminum alloy brick, put in a CNC machine with drivers and drillers, CNC precision processing into a raw aluminum shell, cut off the connectivity section, Apple logo and the bottom side.
Once finish this section, the next step is processing with polishing the aluminum housing surfaces, making sure it adopts better oxidation and drying up by heating, after QC inspection, the passed units will be ready for assembling in mass production.

Aluminum Extrusions & Accessories

The JK-V1 single-bay aluminum vertical laptop stand is an example and is crafted made simply, this product, the different thing we didn’t mention is the bending by tooling on the wings.
It’s a 100% full aluminum alloy made, which turns out it stands heavy and sturdy when the laptop computer docks in, as well as Mac mini slide in, it helps to get the laptop computers and Mac mini exposed to air flows, have the heat dissipation job done flawlessly, meanwhile, have your workspace organized, sleek and declutter viewings.
There are more and more uses for the aluminum vertical stand that are expected to get explored by our customers.

Aluminium Casting and Extrusion

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