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  • What’s ergonomic?

    If a product is ergonomic, then, it is specifically designed to be comfortable and easy to use, physically and psychologically. Ergonomic products are often advertised as reducing fatigue and repetitive strain and boosting productivity. In recent years, ergonomics has been associated more and more with computer products, such as ergonomic mice and keyboards. While a […]

  • Top 5 Ergonomic Benefits of Laptop Stands You Must Know

    The ergonomic laptop stand brings the laptop screen to eye level Being using laptop computers without a stand on a flat desktop, the bold phenomenon happened during attention drains is your neck feels pain or sketching on an iPad tablet screen, the outstanding bolds must be improved, achieve your focus on work productivity, according to […]

  • Aluminum type 6063

    As we mentioned before, wrought aluminum is widely used in consumer products, such as tablet housing, laptop computer housing, and USB hubs, it’s aluminum alloy type 6063. Type 6063 contains both Magnesium and Silicon, combined as Mg2Si, the most important 6063 alloys are: Flexible on customizations after heating and extrusion, thanks to the Magnesium and […]

  • Let’s talk about Aluminum

    Aluminum alloy has low density, but much harder marked its strength, much stronger or closer to superior steel, easy to be shaped and processed into varies of molding materials and formed materials, it’s also well known as a welcome heat sink, heat dissipation, electrical conductivities, and rust-resistance, it has unparalleled compatibility on industrial areas, rank […]

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