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Let’s talk about Aluminum

Aluminum alloy has low density, but much harder marked its strength, much stronger or closer to superior steel, easy to be shaped and processed into varies of molding materials and formed materials, it’s also well known as a welcome heat sink, heat dissipation, electrical conductivities, and rust-resistance, it has unparalleled compatibility on industrial areas, rank only second to steel.

Aluminum alloy has two categories:

1: casting, which is processing as liquid aluminum, shaped by rough molds

2: wrought aluminum alloy, which was refined and wrought, with high grand ability to against pressure from machines, mechanical property better than liquid casting, formed into different types and specified aluminum alloy products, mainly used in air materials, daily necessities, doors and windows in buildings, etc.

Here is some example for reference which is well-known used:


1: led lamps used for cities on the streets and alleyways, which doesn’t require many details, but for heat dissipation and shape purpose

2: brackets for cars and vehicles

3: engineering structure constructions

4: boats and airplanes

And so many on

Wrought aluminum alloy:

1: windows and doors

2: daily necessities, such as heat sink | heat dissipation cooler for computers, computer housing

3: boxes and cans

And so many on

From various options and topics, we would like to talk about how well-used consumers’ products are in our daily life where we saw.

People know the aluminum alloy products might be because of Apple because Apple product teams are using aluminum alloy for most of their products, such as the MacBook series, Mac mini computers, iPad tablets, iPhone, iMac, and the stands, and even the data | charging cables, and now, it’s spreading to more products been created.

Taking the aluminum alloy housing for Apple MacBooks as an example, which is made by wrought aluminum alloy, extruded into specific brick pieces, then put them into CNC machines by processing into MacBook dimensions they set, after that, an important work stage will be required – polishing, to polish the housing as smooth as possible like a mirror, and then, hang all of them into a standby oxidation pond without scratching. After drying, they are ready for mass production by higher-level quality controls.

This processing is the same to be applied for iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio Display, Mac Studio, and cables.

For consuming products, it’s very welcome by factories in China, because aluminum alloy can be used for various products, such as USB Type C hub housing, chargers, and cables housing, different color patterns and have good heat dissipation purpose, compact and sleek modern design.

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