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Jokitech Dual Headphone Stand


Double Headphones Stand, JOKItech Aluminum Alloy Desk 3 Headsets Holder Supporting Desktop Earphone Hanger Mount Storage Rack with Heavy Base for Home and Office Display

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  • Multi Devices: The aluminum dual headphones stand holder is able to hold multi headphones, big headphones, and small headphones, 2 or 3 headphones are ideal to showcase on your desktop
  • Compatibility: The aluminum dual headphone stand has double paddings which hold your headphones in balance, compatible with all kinds of headphones and gaming headsets on the market
  • Sturdy: The multi headphone stand holder is made of solid aluminum alloy, heavy base, solid aluminum poles, a solid aluminum hanger with leather padding, even one headphone on, no wobbling, no sliding
  • Organization: the multi headphone rack helps to organize your desktop setups from clutters, protect your headphones and stay safe from falling and scratches, suitable for: gamers, musician studios, offices, workspace, home
  • Warranty: JOKItech provides 10 years life warranty since your order arrived! Customer Service under 7/24h


Jokitech Stands Organize Your Desktop From Clutter

dual headphone stand

About Jokitech and Our Motto

  • Jokitech is a blend of technology and creativity, We produce high-quality products that set a trend in technical innovation and create a viable and sheer technical experience that every user wants to re-experience!
  • Jokitech aims to deliver the best technical products to society, You will get modern, highly functional, noble technical products on budget
  • We understand the importance of usability and reliability in technical products and therefore produce high-quality technical items. Each product from Jokitech Series is a perfect blend of technology, functionality and not to be surprised, the attractive design that can match every ambiance
  • Jokitech is obliged to serve its customers and we feel overwhelmed by receiving the love for our products from our customers. This love encourages us to go further in serving our customers and leverage them with every possible technology in our reach
  • We take our customers as the king and therefore love to listen to them every time, their criticism helps us to improve and their appreciations take us to a higher level to serve them happily

Key Features

dual headphone stand

double headphone stand

double headset stand

dual headset stand holder

Sturdy Solid Aluminum Base


  • The double headphone stand holder base is solid aluminum, which takes full responsibility for sturdy standing in balance, no wobbling, no falling, standing firmly even with only one headphone or headset
  • The stand is different from plastic ones, to avoid embarrassing movements, like falling down on the desktop or onto the floor, this sturdy stand has more protection on your luxury devices
  • Shiny edge cutting which is ergonomically designed to avoid scratching your headphones
  • The anodized smooth aluminum finishing is close to Apple aluminum, which works well with many scenarios, elegant and warm


Family Headphone Rack


  • The headphone rack holds 2pcs headphones easily and stays in balance with gravity in the center
  • It holds even more headsets than you have, 3pcs or 4pcs medium wired or wireless headphones
  • It organizes and works well with big gaming headsets and wireless DJ headphones nicely to give you more space from clutter


PU Leather Grips


  • The PU leather grips protect your headband, keep it away from scratching and dents left
  • The 4.7cm wide padding holds all kinds of headphones and big gaming headsets you have, give your audio devices a home, stay safe, stay compact


Full-Size Silicone Pad


  • We did a full-size silicone to the base which keeps the aluminum away from the desktop, which is almost the same size as the aluminum base, anti-scratching with a mitigation solution
  • The high-quality silicone padding is durable and supportive, no jelly melting, no deterioration in years

Jokitech Stands Help on Minimal Workstation Setups

dual headphone holder

Jokitech Dual Aluminum Headphone Stand Capabilities

  • Get some jazzy headphone stands for your store and showcase the different headphones for customers
  • Every style of headphone | headset can be displayed on this double aluminum headphones stand in a pair, even extend to 3 or 4 headphones or headsets
  • Makes your store organized and classy., Use it for hanging 2 SONY headphone pairs or, Koss PortaPro, or organize two headphones of Dre Beat, Bose, AKG, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica, apply to your workspace will be another good option that won’t disappoint, have desktop organized, stay neat stay clean! especially Well made for gamers’ gaming setups, hold multi-gaming headsets in a pack
  • Compatible with all branded headphones, this double headphones stand is the need for your headphone/headset stores and showroom
  • In the office, this aluminum dual headphone stand will be a good accessory as an earphone hanger and to keep the headphones properly at every table, find your headphones/headsets a home to place, stay away from scratching, clutter desks, and messy desktop
  • No limitation to keeping a stand in one place. The aluminum headphone stand is portable which you can keep anywhere as in WorkSpace, WorkStation, Studio, Classroom, Office Table, Hotel Room, Retail Shop, Headphone Store, Bookshelf, ShowCase, Bedroom, Living Room, Dormitory, Library, etc. The thing which we can give guaranty about the steady support offered by the headphone stand to your headphones.
  • We have listed some common models from the market which work well with our dual metal headphones stand, if you have questions about this, please reach out instantly:


  1. Compatible with Bose model: QuietComfort 35 II / Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 / SoundSport Wireless Earbuds / SoundLink Over Ear Wireless Headphones II / QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset / SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone / QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling
  2. Compatible with Sony Model: Sony WH-1000XM4 /WHXB900N / WHCH710N / WHXB700 / W1-1000XM2, c400 and W1-XB400 Behind-Neck in Ear / WH1000XM3 / WH-CH510 / MDR1AM2 / XB550AP / RF400 / MDRZX110NC / MDR-Z7M2 / SZ series MDR-ZX310AP MDRZX110AP
  3. Compatible with Beats Model: Solo Pro / Flex / PowerBeats / Solo3 wireless / Beats EP series / Studio3
  4. Compatible with Bang&Olufsen Model: BeoPlay H2 / H4 / H5 wireless / H6 / H8 / H8i / H9i
  5. Compatible with Logitech Model: USB Headset H390 / G432 DTS / G935 / G332 / G Pro X Gaming Headset / H540 / G733 / G633 RGB Artemis Spectrum
  6. Compatible with Razer Model: BlackShark v2 Pro / BlackShark v2 X / Kraken Series / Nari Ultimate Series
  7. Compatible with Apple AirPods Max


* And also Compatible with many other PSP / PS4 / NintenSwitch Gaming Headsets, Compatible with brands like COWIN, ANKER, Bowers Wilkins, Grado, Jabra, Audio-Technica, HyperX, SteelSeries, AKG… with so many on to count


Black, Spacegrey

4 reviews for Jokitech Dual Headphone Stand

  1. Machiavelli

    Nice stand – best for smaller headphones

    I purchased this to hold a set of Meze Empyrean headphones, and I’m quite satisfied. It is precisely as described. I found it very easy to assemble. It went together intuitively and because at least one comment mentioned that the threads can come loose I used tiny dabs of thread locker (I like Vibra-TITE low strength) as a precaution. It came with two spare screws.

    The leather pads on the arms of the stand are not particularly wide and the band on my headphones extends a bit beyond, but I knew that going in so I cannot complain. If the band on your headphones is wider than 5 cm and you are troubled by the thought of your headband partially resting upon the metal surface beyond the leather, keep looking. I’m not bothered by it.

    I don’t know that it would fit two large-ish sets of cans. I cannot easily fit both my Empyreans and my Audio-Technica M50X’s. I instead use the other side to hold the eight foot cord I have on the Empy’s. It’s tall enough to hold the Empy’s, but just just barely. It fits the bill for me because I wanted something with a small footprint and a rock solid base, and this delivers in both respects. But these are really best suited for smallish gear. If it works for you size-wise, there’s really nothing to complain about and it’s quite a good value for the price.

  2. Jeffery Jelinski

    These are the best generic stand
    I have used several VERY similar headphone stands and this Jokitech one is the best of the bunch. It has the best packaging and presentation of the bunch and the black finish looks surprisingly great. It’s tall enough for good cable clearance, stable, and looks good. Silicone pads keep your headphones from sliding around and all the sharp edges are beveled so if you are careful you won’t damage your headphones with these. My only complaint is that the construction lets these twist around even if you really crank everything tight. However you can just straighten them up and it’s not like they rock or wobble or are loose. Just that you have to straighten them before displaying headphones on them haha. Just make sure the screws are good and snug.

    With care there’s absolutely zero reason these stands can’t last a lifetime. They’re a great way to store and display your headphones and very well made. I will recommend these types of stands every time.

  3. Bowei Z.

    Fits my Planar Magnetics. Very happy
    Bought it as most headphone stands can’t fit “actual” headphones without putting strain on the cable terminators. This has a nice weighted stand and is sturdy. I use it to fit my planar magnetics and they all comfortably sit on it

  4. Carlos

    Excellent quality
    I had read some reviews saying that it was not stable enough, which would have been an issue with the two “smallish” pairs of headphones for which I wanted to use this support. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. As you can see in the picture, it can perfectly handle my around one pound headphones with absolute stability. The quality of the materials is excellent, as is the look (judge for yourself). Fully recommend it

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