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Top 5 Ergonomic Benefits of Laptop Stands You Must Know

The ergonomic laptop stand brings the laptop screen to eye level

Being using laptop computers without a stand on a flat desktop, the bold phenomenon happened during attention drains is your neck feels pain or sketching on an iPad tablet screen, the outstanding bolds must be improved, achieve your focus on work productivity, according to the investigation
Introducing the Jokitech flexible eye-level aluminum laptop stand, it features ergonomic purposes, and has your shoulder, neck, and body relax during typing by eye-level gestures, it doesn’t matter if you stand or sit beside a workstation, and you will benefit :

  • The ergonomic stand works with all kinds of your tablets and laptop computers, even books, projectors, speakers, routers
  • Have your electronic devices cool down via various airflows, gain better heat dissipation
  • The durable hinges hold more than 10kgs weight, not only hold your heavy gaming laptops but also projectors, like BENQ ones in sturdy level, the hinges bear more than 5000times back and forth folding tests
  • The flexible trigger unlocks more levels you prefer, sitting angles or standing angles, in maximum mode, free your hands in the classroom or during a speed with keynote
  • By expanding more space in eye-level angles, your eye contact will be more comfortable and conducting your Brian
  • It fits well in different situations, retail stores, and coffee shops. Supermarket cashier, hotel reception table, classroom speech, presentation in the meeting room, home workstation, music studios, and more to unlock
  • It improves your workstation applications and home appliance
  • We provide 10 years warranty to each user, any technical customer support can be reached freely by emailing us: at or a free call at +86-18024319037

improves typing ergonomics

Why You Need a Laptop Stand? According to an investigation in 2020, we have 280 million people in the office have the same or worse neck pains globally, the foldable ergonomic aluminum stand provides better typing and improves your gestures after a while, instead of bending your body for better typing, typing on the stand or an extra keyboard are both ideal

Prevents overheating and improves laptop performance

As known that heat is painstaking to our electronic devices, like laptop computers, projectors, and routers, aluminum provides better heat dissipation, lets various airflow in, and cools down your machines, getting better laptop computer performance and long life circle

ALL MODELS can be used as standing desks

The ergonomic designed E1 and E2 are being used as standing desks, easy to catch and operate, and good for a keynote speech

About the flexibility on the e1 and e2 ergonomic designed stands

Both stands have handhold triggers to release and lock/unlock a certain height to a comfortable eye level, once the trigger setup, the hinges will help you by adjusting closer or setback via two of our customized unparalleled hinges, taking this stand in the car is one of the most flexible methods to the business travelers in the city

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